The Vagrants Crew




Gigs 2017




Evergreen Inn



Private Party


16th.-18th. June


Sea Shanty Festival



First formed circa 1983 the Crew have undergone many changes in their "colourfull" and varied career. Originally formed as a Folk band they are now more popularily recognised as a Maritime band performing at venues and festivals, not only locally and countrywide but also in Europe and Ireland. With an average age, which is classified information, they are, what can only be described as an "ever so slightly mad, fun loving bunch" who thoroughly enjoy their music, playing and singing their own arrangements of traditional songs in their unique style (which sometimes does not go down too well with the purists !!) and fully intending to do so for as long as possible.















Group Line Up

Peter Pearce

Guitar & Vocals


Val Canton

Tambourine & Vocals


Tonie Jones

Melodeons & Vocals


Mike Cook

Melodeons & Vocals


Phil Warren (Wilf)

Percussion & Vocals


Phill Jones

Whistles, Didge & Vocals


Phil White

Percussion & Vocals



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